Pictures and description

A very nice and well-maintained boat that, as far as we know, has only been on the east coast and has been stored indoors in a warm hall for all these years. Original receipt/agreement is in original from the new sale in England in 2000, which is why it is attractive for possible export.

We bought it in 2018 and have a lot of contact with previous owners so all documented attached history is verified.

The description below together with the documentation shows that this boat has received and is receiving unique maintenance and updates (but everyone who owns a boat writes that) 😊 
Follow this documentation as well as specification and videos and form your own opinion.

Dockmate is a sensation that wirelessly controls both machines fore/aft so that you can maneuver where it is tight and through its Twist function you can move the stern sideways (one machine goes forward and the other back) together with the bow thruster or just turn around on a ”5-trout”. So adding by being able to move freely throughout the boat is an incredibly valuable feature. 
From the flexible remote control, the bow thruster, windlass forward and anchor windlass aft are also operated. The cost of such a facility in 2024 is approximately SEK 130,000. It is of course assembled and can be purchased as an option as it is not included in the basic price we advertise.

Folded-up instruments in genuine carbon fiber panel provide an overview without, as in the original, having to stand up to see, among other things, the depth gauge.

There are now two monitors with 4 wireless cameras showing: 
Camera no. 1 which looks down on the anchor chain, which is why you can calmly sit and pick up the anchor and see how the chain is and that the anchor comes right up in the anchor. 
Camera no. 2 shows how much lead wire is in the aft box and that it is feeding out, and you can see this conveniently from the driver’s seat. 
Camera no. 3 shows the anchor box in the bow to see how much chain there is to lay out. 
Camera no. 4 is located in the engine compartment so that you can get an overview that everything looks good there.

Uncertain when the pads are unclothed but they are in very good condition and are washed before each year’s launch.

Loose slatted carpets on top of the teak give a nice feeling and also noticeably dampens sound. 
The rear large mat over the hydraulic engine hatch has a 10mm sound deadening mat underneath which significantly keeps the sound volume down. The muffler mat is new for 2024. 

These mats and pads are wet washed prior to each year’s launch and are in very good condition.

All are freshly washed and, according to the picture, protectively plastered before launching in 2024.

Before 2023, a new 32″ smart TV was installed in the cockpit and is connected via the boat’s upgraded sound system with a large bass box and 500W power amplifier. This gives INCREDIBLY good home cinema sound!

We use AppleTv and a 4G puck for this, but these are not included in the first place but can be bought as an extra of course.

The original very ugly driver’s seat was replaced with this one in the correct fabric a couple of years ago. So now it’s MUCH more comfortable and nicer. Since it has ”piping” in white vinyl, the one that sits as an edge on all the cushions was also changed to a matching one instead of the ones that are originally in white fabric and often get a little sunny.

A special real carbon fiber panel was made to tilt up the autopilot and tridata. 

The autopilot received a new compass sensor in 2022. At the same time, the controls for the trim angle of the gears were moved down for better ergonomics. All power switches have new buttons. The hour counters have been replaced and are working. 

At each RPM meter there is a green LED that indicates when the compressors are in operation. For the entire panel there is a nice white cover with press buttons.

This custom-made table with a top in genuine carbon fiber (20 layers of clear lacquer) was manufactured in 2022 to optimize the table surface, among other things. With it, you can sit 5-6 people and eat. Fold-down glass holders and Blue LED enhance the impression. 

The carbon fiber table can be purchased as an option, of course, as the fine folding wooden table, which is also clear lacquered with 2K car paint, is included.

Dimmable LED with remote in the ENTIRE boat and blue LED in the corners. Everything can be regulated in groups and dimmed sep. 

In and on the boat, there is a total of approx. 40m of dimmable led strip. Everything mounted with tape and can therefore of course be dismantled. All other lighting in the boat has of course been replaced with LED.

Best light color combo and real new boat feeling. The carpets were replaced by the previous owner. Carpets on the steps mean that we no longer slip… Carpets and sofas are wet washed every year. (the fridge in the picture is the old one that was replaced in 2023). 22″ TV with built-in DVD player for cozy evenings in the cabin😊.

Lots of LED and clean and completely! During the winter of 2024, the wall carpets at the sofa, kitchenette and the entire shower/toilet room were replaced. A very big lift against the often worn and boring original walls.

Sofa that can be used as a bed as there is an extra cushion that makes it a sensible place to sleep.

PICTURE SHOWS BEFORE REPLACING WALL CARPET – as most Fairlines from the 2000s might look! 
In the upper picture, you can also see the new matching covered panel which is behind the sofa and which, in our opinion, enhances the feeling.
New refrigerator with variable compressor was installed for the summer of 2023. LED high and low 😊 The new refrigerator works with a variable compressor, which significantly lowers electricity consumption and also the noise level.

LED in the entire forepeak with flare and dimmable LED high and low. 
For the sunroof, there is a complete mosquito net in a round fitted frame and a blackout cloth to put in. The curtains are completely blackout.

Nice and spacious midcabin that there is a foam wedge to put between the beds to get a double bed.

New electric toilet with grinder as well as all hoses and valve faucet were replaced in 2020. Best toilet with separate inlet and outlet that really makes life at sea easier. 
To avoid the typical bad smell (such as rotten eggs) in the flushing water, we installed an ”automatic antibacter pump” that automatically doses in a small amount of bacteria-killing liquid with each flush. 
This has completely removed that smell.

Very well serviced engines that in our possession have received, among other things: 
– New turbo units 
– New distributors 
– New manifold gaskets 
– New exhaust elbows 
– New water pumps and tension rollers 
– Tightened top bolts 
– Adjusted valves 
– Regularly changed belts 
– Professionally serviced until 2023  

LED lighting facilitates service etc.

In order to remove this type of boat’s extremely bad solution with the anchor that does not fall in without hand laying, a special roller was machined which, due to its location, allows you to easily lay down and take it up and put it in from the driver’s seat. The other roll was replaced at the same time with a new and complete one. See also film clips further down this page.

In 2021, the gears were completely renovated with new gear sets, gaskets, bellows and paint, etc. Since these, they are painted with anti-fouling drift paint. Stainless duo plugs. A pair of BRAND NEW spare propellers in the original box are available as additions.

The trim cylinders were repacked and also with brand new piston rods. Control cables and other things were also changed at the same time and done by professionals. Even the small pairs of rubber flaps were replaced, which prevent the rear intake of water when reversing.

We cannot accept bad smells, so to achieve an almost odor-free boat, we built a fan system that sucks air from the keel pig and blows out the side of the targa bow. It runs on 230V and provides a certain negative pressure in the entire keel so that any bad odors do not penetrate, especially during long-term parking. It is controlled by a rheostat for stepless fan speed and is recessed into the wardrobe in the midcabin. Can of course be run via the Inverter. This boat does not smell like an ”old” boat!

Picture from the installation, but in place there is a roof sheet that covers.

The bathing jetty is reinforced to withstand Hurley scooter diversions. 

In connection with this, a new and recessed anchor diverter was purchased to gain better access to the entire bathing jetty and not to be in the way of the Kick. Hurley is available to buy as an option.

Custom-made special wind/visibility protection is very nice on windy days. Simple and quick to mount on the railing.

Original folding dinghy fender is present but has been removed and replaced with polished stainless cover plates.

Solar system with 400W. 100W via own regulator to one bank and 300W to the consumption bank.

This together with 8 new batteries AND EFOY fuel cell gives a good addition of electricity.

Also a remote-controlled LED searchlight instead of the original halogen.

Film clips

Technical specification / equipment

Boat type:Fairline Targa 37
LÖA:11.57 meters
Width:  3.54 meters
Depth:0.97 meters
Height from waterline: 3.6 meters
Weight: 7 tons
Year model:2000
Hull number:GB-FLN09325C000
Berths: 2 pcs. in front, 2 pcs. midcabin, 1 pc. extra seat in U-shaped sofa bed
Engine System:  Volvo Penta KAD44 EDC
Effect:2 x 260 hp
Fuel:  Diesel
Fuel tank:636 liters
Cooling system: 3.6 meters
Cooling system: Freshwater cooled
Engine number:2204405420 / 2204405823
Operating time:1275 hours in autumn 2020 
1435 hours in autumn 2023
Drove: Volvo Penta 290
Propeller:Stainless Volvo Penta Duoprop 
Inner on drive: C6FRONT 3587868 7C 
Outer on drive: C6REAR 3587874 7C
Drive number:3102200536 / 3102200537
Performance :Cruising speed 25 knots, top speed 36 knots
Fuel consumption :About 1 l/dm in 6.5kn – 3 l/dm in 25kn
Electrical system :Land current 230VAC, intake in fore and aft 
230/12 volt main center 
Mastervolt MASS charger/inverter 12VDC/230VAC 100A
Batteries :9 pcs 80Ah 2022
Generator :2 pcs. 12V, 60A/45A
Battery charger :Mastervolt MassCombi 2500 incl. inverter (consumption), Cetec 5000 7A (start SB/bow/toa)
Water tank :273 liters
Water heater :27 liters
Septic tank :140 liters
WC :Electric toilet with grinder new 2020, electric emptying with macerator grinder (renovated). 
Emptying in the open or the deck. All toilet hoses new in 2020. 
Sink, shower with hot and cold water. New mixer 2019. 
230V heated towel rail.
Shower :In the toilet area and on the bathing jetty. Hot and cold water.
Heat :Diesel heater Webasto AirTop 5000D, 5 kW exhaust in all spaces.
Kitchenette :Gas stove 2-burner. 
Gas stove 
Compressor refrigerator with freezer compartment, CR-0110, 110 liters, 5.9A new 2023. Sink with cold and hot water.
Other equipment :Electronic controls, automatic Trimplan/PowerTrim, automatic engine compartment fire extinguishing, 2 fire extinguishers, Sony stereo, JL Audio sound system with power amplifier 500W, 2xLED TV, VHF, Garmin 5008 navigator, Garmin radar (unsafe function), reversing camera, autopilot, sonar, compass, rudder (drive) indicator, Lofran windlass in the bow and Engbo in the stern, rostria anchor – both in the bow and stern, remote control for the anchor in the stern and bow thruster, beverage cooler, bow thruster SidePower SP95T – 6kW, gas and fire alarms, LED lighting throughout the boat, underwater lighting, Wireless LED searchlight 2019, telescopic davits for dinghy (supplied as loose), 4x100W fixed solar cell on canopy roof + portable solar cell etc. Dockmate for engines, bow prop, windlass for plus stern.


Season 2014 :New consumable batteries 
New stereo 
New impeller 
Change oil 15/40 and engine filter 
Change oil in drive Change 
pre-filter, fuel filter 
Change air filter 
New Zinc anodes drive 
Re-sanding teak with 2 layers of teak sealer 
New Blue-LED in cup holder 
New push buttons power switch in panel 
New fire extinguishers 
Polishing and waxing 
Primed International Trilux 33 White
Season 2015Completion with 1 pc 105Ah consumable battery 
New carpets (EGE, Quadro 0027270) 
New single-lever galley 
mixer Gas detector 
New water tank sensor 
New leaded anchor line 
Remote control for light in the bow and blue LED 
New electric cartridge VVB 
New Zinc anodes drive 
Change of pre-filter, air filter 
Polishing and waxing 
Bottom painted International Trilux 33 White
Season 2016New original stripes water line 
Renovation heater 
New Zinc anodes drives 
New impellers 
Oil change and filter engines 
Oil change drives 
Change pre-filter, fuel filter, air filter 
Polishing and waxing 
Bottom painted International Trilux 33 White
Season 2017Service (error code reset) heater 
New telescopic ladder on point 
New horn 
Towel dryer 
Change pre-filter, air filter 
Greased support bearing gear 
Polishing and waxing 
Bottom painted International Trilux 33 White
Season 2018New Zinc anodes drive 
Oil change and filter engines 
Oil change drive 
Change prefilter, fuel filter, air filter 
Change V-belts and drive belts SB engine 
Polishing and waxing 
Bottom painted International Trilux 33 White
Season 2019New slatted carpets in the entire cockpit
New shore power cable 
New remote for bow and stern windlass 
Tailored slatted carpets in the steps to the galley 
LED strips with remote and dimmable throughout the bow 
LED strips under the sofa and galley 
New LED searchlight 50W with wireless remote 
Reinforced bathing bridge and installation of Hurley (Hurley is available as an option) 
New and relocated anchor baffle recessed in the bathing jetty
Stainless moldings around the bathing jetty 
230V special fan system to ventilate the entire keel with stepless rheostat 
New windows in the entire chapel and impregnation
Split front window in chapel before to be able to open half 
Rebuilt anchor baffle before to anchor should fall in automatically 
Rebuilt railing before to simplify getting on/off 
New water pumps as well as pulleys, tensioners and belts (approx. 26,000 SEK) 
Re-tensioning tops of both machines, valve adjustment (approx. 7,000 SEK) 
Replacement exhaust elbow SB as well as complete professional engine and drive service 
Manifold gasket replacement BB engine
Bottom painting 
Grinding and varnishing of the drives 
Mounting 2x50W lighting in front 
Mounting 2x20W work lighting aft on targa 
Mounting various LED strips in the entire cockpit with remote, separately dimmable 
Black textile on the dashboard against glare in the windshield 
New wiper blades 
New special double seat in the correct fabric driver’s seat (original remains and included)
Changed moved instruments and carbon fiber panel 
New wireless separate display and cameras over the bow and stern anchor for easier handling when anchoring 
New 100W solar cell with control mounted on targa/canopy 
BLUE LED under waist bar with wireless remote around the entire boat = 20m 
New automatic bacteria killer in toilet inlet system 
New mosquito nets in all valves = completely tight from mosquitoes and spiders 
New flags targa and stern 
New hour counter displays in both tachometers 
Completely professionally switched electrical system so that both generators charge all batteries (Original connection = known problem)
New 24″ TV with built-in DVD in cockpit on adjustable bracket 
All pads and wedge set new 
Socks for all fenders = 6
Wet washing of all cushions 
Specially turned roller in peke makes anchors fall in themselves 
New rail-mounted gas grill 
New faucet in toilet
Season 2020New hand-held VHF 
New toilet hoses  
New electric toilet with grinder 
New distribution valve toilet system
Bottom painting 
Complete professional engine and drive service 
New anodes drive  
New bilge pump and float in midcabin 
Grinding and varnishing of the drives 
Professional full polishing 
Canopy washing and impregnation 
Upgrading of ”ignition indication” engines on dashboard
Season 2021Complete renovation SB+BB Drive new drive sets 
New control 
cables drive Complete renovation trim cylinders including new piston 
rods New bellows
New 100W solar panel = 2 pcs 100W total 
Complete polishing 
New bottom color 
Complete renovation aft windlass with new drive set
New extra slave battery in stern for windlass 
Professional engine service 
Installation of complete Dockmate wireless remote control motors etc. (approx. SEK 130,000 2024 price). Also controls bowsprit and windlass fore and aft. (optional)
New white dressing of man train in railing 
12V socket with charging cable for jet skis on the bridge 
New self-sewn practical wind protection/visibility protection for foredeck
Season 20222 pcs 100W solar panels = 4x100W with sep regulators per bank (optional)
New control panel solar panels 
Full polishing 
Renovation of macerator pump to septic tank 
New sensor septic tank 
Electric activator with remote for opening hatch in midcabin 
New 32″ smart TV in cockpit connected to stereo = top sound 
Installation of man hatch in water tank with separate sensor/meter 
Total cleaning of colored water tank inside 
Indicator diodes for operation of compressors at tachometer 
Replacement of all spreaders 
2 new turbo units 
Replacement of manifold gasket SB engine 
All batteries new 9x80Ah 
New re-stitched mattress in front peak (Wellpur T70) 
Re-stitched canopy with new windows
Installation of 4G puck for Wifi (not included) 
Engine camera for monitoring via WiFi with alarm function (not included) 
Installation of 600/1200W heating fan 230V in cockpit (optional) 
New sound-absorbing carpet under carpet in cockpit 
Professional engine service with all filters / impellers changed 
New zinc anodes drive 
Re-stitched sun cushion front deck 
Washed and impregnated canopy 
New anti-caking agent in chemical container in the flushing system for toilet flushing 
Washing of all cushions in cockpit 
Wet-washing of cushions and carpets down in the boat 
sand and varnish both drives 
Bottom painting 
Installation of new electrical panel in BB engine room with Ctec 7A and fuses 
New exhaust bend BB
Season 2023Washed and impregnated canopy 
Bottom painting 
Complete professional engine service including oils and filters, impellers 
New bellows 
Change of oil in the gears 
New anodes gear 
New trim angle sensor BB gear 
Assembly EFOY fuel cell with blue tooth (optional) 
New SMART shunt mounted with blue
tooth Oiling the teak bathing bridge 
New cockpit table with disc in real carbon fiber with blue LED (Optional)
Complete polishing 
New Dometic refrigerator with variable compressor
Wet washing of cushions and carpets down in the boat 
All external joints replaced with new ones in white Sika 
Re-chromed grill in the gas kitchen 
New stainless door to the kitchen with hinges 
New inspection/ sun protection windshield 
New LED lighting in the engine room 
New underwater lighting LED Boat system 
Season 2024Canopy re-stitched with new seams and new windows
Canopy washed and impregnated 
Drive service with new anodes 
Engine oil change with new filters 
Bottom painted with white Trilux 
Reupholstered walls in kitchenette, by sofa and toilet/shower 
New upholstered panel behind sofa 
New silicon joints in toilet area
Wet-washed cushions and carpets 
Complete polishing 
Teak cleaning and oiling of bathing dock 
Teak cleaning and oiling of teak in cockpit 
Wet washing of all cushions 
Wet washing of carpet in galley 
New sound dampening carpet under the carpet in the cockpit

Contact details

Lars Nordlöf
070-665 21 63